Modular Homes Affordably Priced

Modular Homes Affordably Priced is a State-Licensed Authorized Independent Dealer for top manufacturers of modular homes.

We specialize in the sale of new standard modular, single-family modular homes, multi-family modular homes and custom modular homes. Thus, giving you the freedom to design your own home.

At Modular Homes Affordably Priced, we offer a wide variety of homes to choose from giving you the ability to design, add on or customize the plans for any base model home we sell. Each is designed to meet your specific needs.


Can I buy a modular home direct from the factory?

No. You must use a State Licensed Authorized Independent Dealer in order to own one of the many new manufactured modular homes we have.

Can you provide pricing for my custom floor plans?

Yes we can. Contact Us.

Can I use my own builder/contractor?

Yes you can.

Our lot is considered narrow, can you provide a home for this type?

Yes we can. Visit our Shore/Vacation homes page to see our models designed for narrow lots at the shore and give us a call to so we can show you what other models will fit your lot.

How affordable are your manufactured modular homes?

Our modular homes are more affordable then standard on site stick framing/construction and more affordable then existing homes.

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